Sunday, 22 July 2018

Sunday Shuffle

I have returned from my break in Porto and surrounding areas much refreshed and laden down with many CDs to share with you all.

If you are passing through the city, both Louie Louie and Tubitek are well worth a visit. The Spanish psychedelia compilation and complete works of Jabula from the former look very promising, as do a couple of Brazilian albums from the latter.

Further afield, I'm particularly looking forward to listening to the 4 CD box set of Angolan music from the 1960s and 70s acquired in Aviero. I'm not so sure about the 'novo sertanejo' and 'Sinead O'Connor sings the folk songs of old Ireland' CDs I bought from a lady with a stall in a deserted car park in Santo Tirso, but I felt a bit sorry for her as she clearly hadn't had a customer in years.

More of all of that anon. But first, here's Young Jessie.

"Shuffle In The Gravel" - Young Jessie

"Be Bop Country Boy" -  Young Jessie

Young Jessie, or Obediah Jessie as his parents called him, started his musical career in The Flairs. One of the other members was Richard Berry, who wrote a song so legendary than over sixty years after it was first recorded there are hip Portuguese record shops named after it.

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