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Sunday 12 August 2018

Hardy Amies

We open today with a photograph of Carla Bruni and Patrick Dunham-Roper at some sort of event for Bulgari. It is a long story, and not one I intend to subject you to, suffice to say hopefully the pair of them will stop pestering me about it now.

Carla's presence does at least give me an excuse to feature another French singer and style icon, one who I have been infatuated with ever since I first found this record in a junk shop back when I was an impressionable teenager. I suspect I may not be the only man of a certain age or above (or, indeed, below) who has a bit of a thing for Françoise Hardy.

Apologies for the sound quality, particularly on "Only Friends", but they are taken from the actual vinyl EP itself. I don't think it detracts too much.

"Only Friends" - Françoise Hardy

"Find Me A Boy" - Françoise Hardy

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