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Thursday 9 August 2018

Para Jorge

Word reaches us from Portugal than George has been in a continual state of overheated excitement ever since I revealed I have a copy of "Biografia do Pop/Rock", a compilation of the hits that had them bopping in Braga and swinging in Setabul in the 60s and 70s. It is time to put him out of his misery (or possibly increase it).

The album is a bit of an ovo de um clerigo, as they say in Portugal. I know that George had high hopes of Os Chincilas version of "I'm A Believer", but sadly it's a dull and direct copy of the original. Never mind! There are plenty of goodies to be found. Here are a few of them, in chronological order.

"Olhando Para o Céu" - Daniel Bacelar E Os Gentlemen (1963)

"Chevrolet" - The Strollers (1967)

"Page One" - Pop Five Music Incorporated (1970)

"A Bananeira" - Petrus Castrus (1974)

If you are wondering where you have heard "Chevrolet" before, it's Donovan's "Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)" by another name. Mind you "Hey Gyp" was Memphis Minnie's "Can I Do It For You" by another name, so Donovan can't complain.

What else did the Portuguese music scene have to offer during that period, I hear you ask. Well, some magnificent hair for a start.

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  1. Ernie, there are just not enough blogs featuring portuguese prog. bands. Especially ones with songs about banana trees.