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Monday 3 September 2018

Apocalypse Monday

I know, I know, its the wrong day for the Apocalypse Thursday series. But when The Mighty Wrath is unleashed, you won't get to choose the date either.

That statement makes no logical sense, I realise, but then neither do predictions of The Mighty Wrath.

"John The Revelator" - Son House

"Great Tribulation" - Hugh Mundell

"Waiting For The End Of The World" - Elvis Costello

Speaking of The Mighty Wrath, here he is a couple of years ago bashing out one of his old - and highly appropriate - hits.


  1. It seems the Apocalypse is getting ever nearer!

    1. I hope so, otherwise I'll run out of songs before it arrives

  2. Hi, Ernie. Son House's, "John The Revelator" brought me here. His voice is honest; sincere. I also dig the instrumentation in the High Mundell piece. Thanks for sharing it and bringing it to my attention. Arnecia