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Thursday 20 September 2018

We All Love Laila

Earlier in the week, as part of our tribute to the recently deceased Rachid Taha, we featured his excellent version of "Rock the Casbah". Well, it seems that he was only one of many North African musicians with a fondness for the poppier variety of vintage British punk and new wave - as demonstrated here by Hamadth Kah.

Both tracks today are taken from "Laila Je T'Aime", a compilation of music from the Western Sahel region and one of the many excellent records released by Sahel Sounds. I can't praise them highly enough for giving us a gateway into a musical world we would never know about otherwise.

"Ce Weeti" - Hamadth Kah

"Etran, Association Des Jeunes" - Abba Gargando

For today's clip, I could have gone for "Layla" but I've also found it a bit dull. So I've opted for the second part of the album title instead.


  1. Ce Weet sounds remarkably like a song by The Police.

    1. It's "Message in a Bottle". Not sure whether it is an actual cover or if he/ they have just nicked most of the tune

  2. Track 4 on the album (Sudan) is tremendous