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Friday 22 March 2019

Deer, Oh Deer

From a second-hand record shop the size of a broom cupboard in Zagreb to your homes around the world within 48 hours. That's the wonder of the Internet. And aeroplanes.

Here's a couple of tracks from Croatia's leading surf-rock combo, The Bambi Molesters. Both come from their 1999 album, "Intensity!".

"Bikini Machines" - The Bambi Molesters

"The Wedge" - The Bambi Molesters

Can I just make it clear that by featuring these tracks I am in no way endorsing the molestation of deer or other even more heinous crimes against them.


  1. .....and I was just yesterday declaiming to the dogs that there were not enough Croatian
    surf bands on these blogs!
    "The Wedge" is a particularly splendid song.

  2. Bit late on this but a couple of great tracks there. It was John Peel (of course) who introduced me to this lot via their Sonic Bullets 13 from the Hip album circa 20 yrs ago. OK they're reductively Dick Dale/Shadowsey but....who cares. Hope to unearth some of their stuff when I go to Dubrovnik later this year. Good post. Cheers