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Thursday 28 March 2019

Serbo-Powered Sounds

While I was in Zagreb last week, I picked up a compilation with the snappy title of "PGP Pop-Rok 80-tih Arhiv". I had a pretty good idea what most of that meant, apart from the PGP bit.

It transpires that PGP-RTB was a state-owned record label and record shop chain in what was then still Yugoslavia. It is apparently still going, but now as the music production arm of the Serbian national radio and television service.

The compilation came out in 2001, obviously well after the break-up of Yugoslavia. I don't know whether all the bands on the album are Serbian, but the two featured today certainly are. They both hail from Belgrade, and Ekatarina Velika were one of the biggest bands of the era (as I'm sure you knew).

Enjoy having it socked to you in a state-sanctioned style.

"Leto" - Zana

"Ljubav" - Ekatarina Velika

Hanging out in Zagreb itself in the mid-1980s were an arty outfit called Dorian Gray. This is one of their big hits. If you recognise the tune, you will understand why I've chosen it for today's video.

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