Wednesday, 24 April 2019

French Falsehoods

Some French freakbeat from 1966. I'm not sure what they call it in France. Probably just "le freakbeat", although "le cadence de caprice" has a nice ring to it. I might copyright that.

Anyway, these people are all impostors. Erick's real name is Patrice Raison, and he has nothing to do with Yves at all. And as for the other five, they are clearly no gentlemen.

"Le Temps D'y Penser" - Erick Saint-Laurent

"Dis-nous Dylan" - Les 5 Gentlemen

While trying to select a video to go along with these tracks, I had a look at who was in the French charts in 1966. One of the biggest stars was Sheila, who had three number one hits that year (and many more before and after). By 1979, she was doing this sort of thing.

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