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Wednesday 26 August 2020

Busy On The Bongos

I have been stocking up on random purchases in charity shops since the Great Reopening. The sheer relief at being able to do so has resulted in me showing even less taste and discrimination than usual. If there is a 'Three for £1' offer on, I'm having three whether I like them or not.

One CD acquired in such circumstances that has definitely exceeded my expectations is "Outer Bongolia" (2007) by a gentleman known as The Bongolian (possibly not his real name). Lots of bongos, as you would have guessed, and lots of Hammond organ too. It is really rather good.

"Bongo Mambo" - The Bongolian

"The Gospel According To The Bongolian" - The Bongolian


  1. I really want Outer Bongolia to be good..........

  2. Much confusion! The non tax-dodgers A****n have an album by The Bongolian called Moog Maximus, which does not suggest the there will be a lot of bongo-ing on it.