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Wednesday 23 September 2020

The Long Goodbye: Part 25

Part 25 of 27. We are very nearly at the end of our grand tour of the EU, and the closing stretch is a corker. We finish with Spain and Sweden, but first we are off to visit Slovenia, an excellent country - as all the others have been. 

I can heartily recommend Ljubljana, Lake Bled and Piran, jewel of the tiny Slovenian coast. On a practical level, Nova Gorica is not very scenic but you can walk from the station to Gorizia in Italy in half an hour. This is very handy if, like me, you get on the train from Ljubljana to Trieste only to discover it isn't going to Trieste after all.

Enough rambling. Time to Laibach and think of Slovenia.

"Poljubi Me In Pojdi" - Grupa Mladi Levi

"Život, To Je Feferon" - Buldozer

"Huda Maceha" - Slovenska Gruda

"Nočne Šetnje" - Borghesia

"Ker Tu Je Vse Tako Lepo" - Koala Voice


  1. I am not convinced you chose that Power Dancers video on the strength of the song

    1. The song and the views of the theme park. What other reasons could there be?