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Wednesday 2 September 2020

Holiday Memories

In an attempt to persuade the summer to linger longer, for the last few days I have had my speakers pointed to the sky and blasting out "A Long Vacation" by Eiichi Ohtaki. 

Eiichi himself started out in Happy End, who you might know, and most of his former bandmates got roped in to help out on the album, which came out in 1981. 

"A Long Vacation" was one of the biggest selling albums in Japan in the 1980s. It regularly features near the top of lists of greatest Japanese albums of all time and audiophiles swoon over the production values. There is quite a strong Brian Wilson influence - maybe not so much on the tracks I've selected - and overall it has a nice summery feel.

"Waga Kokoro No Pinball" - Eiichi Ohtaki

"Ame No Wednesday" - Eiichi Ohtaki

And now, some more genuine authentic Japanese music from 1981.


  1. Aneka as I'm sure you know was a pseudonym for Scottish folk singerMary Sandeman.
    She was performing in the function suite of a hotel I was working in in Ullapool leading to cries from the worthies in the public bar "give us Japanese Boy"
    Those were simpler times

    1. You mean she's not Jaoanese? This has come as a bit of a shock to me.