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Friday 28 May 2021

Do The Hustle!

I recently acquired an old Soul Jazz Records compilation called "Hustle! which consists of reggae cover versions of disco hits, None of the songs on there are ever likely to feature in the Single Song Sunday slot, so I thought I would share a couple of Mandatory Reggae Versions with you now instead.

I enjoyed the album but a lot of the tracks are not that different to the original - there is a very nice version of "Don't Let It Go To Your Head", for example, but it is only a mild lope away from Jean Carn. So I have chosen two that made a bit more effort.

They have other attractions as well. In the first track, the lead singer - yet another Campbell I believe - appears to sing that "it's like pissing in the ocean" 45 seconds in. As for the second, she's called Carol Cool!!! What more reason do you need?

"Reggae Beat Goes On" - Family Choice

"Upside Down" - Carol Cool


  1. Speaking of reggae cover versions, I wonder if you've heard the cover of The Allman Brothers "Midnight Rider" by Paul Davidson - and old favourite of mine.

    1. As I have plenty of time on our hands i'm off to that video-sharing site to seek out that cover

    2. I have it in a Trojan 'Reggae stars sing hits of the 70s' box set for which the phrase "mixed bag" may have been invented. That is one of the highlights, "Put Your Hand In The Hand" and "Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast" maybe not so much