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Monday 24 May 2021

The Brilliant Boy Is Back

I hope you all had a brilliant weekend. I did. With restrictions beginning to lift around here I was able to get to my first live football match for six months and my first gig for 15 months. More about the latter later in the week.

Speaking of Brilliant, here are a couple of top tracks from Ekambi whose name is nearly the same as that. I realised this is very contrived but it was only after preparing the post I spotted his surname was Brillant not Brilliant and I was too far gone to turn around by then.

Both tracks come from a compilation of his best bits called "African Funk Experimentals (1975-82)". We featured the album last year and encouraged you all to buy it immediately. If you were foolish and did not to do so then, you can get it on Bandcamp for a bargain £7.50 now. 

Mr Brillant was born in the village of Dibombari in Cameroon in 1948. After moving to Douala in the early 1970s he went on to become one of the movers and shakers of the local music scene. Understandably, as his music more than lives up to the promise of his name. The whole album is Utterly Ekambi.

"Ekila" - Ekambi Brillant

"Aboki (Mon Copain)" - Ekambi Brillant

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