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Wednesday 23 June 2021

Buddy & Julie & Kacy & Clayton Too

Last Friday the nice people at New West Records had a one-day half-price sale on Bandcamp. I took the opportunity to pick up a couple of albums I have had my eye on for a while: "Breakdown on 20th Avenue South" by Buddy & Julie Miller and "Carrying On" by Kacy & Clayton.

Both albums were released in the Last Days of The Great Before, or 2019 as it was known at the time, and both were well worth the $5 I paid for them. Here is a slice of happy-go-lucky chirpiness from each.

"Feast Of The Dead" - Bubby & Julie Miller

"Spare Me Over One More Year" - Kacy & Clayton

Keeping with the laugh fest, Buddy & Julie include a nice version of this old favourite on their album. 

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