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Friday 18 June 2021

Here He Comes

A pair of super Summer smasheroonies from the great Barrington Levy for you today. You can find them both on the fantastic "Sweet Reggae Music (1979-84)" compilation - 40 tracks of prime Barrington for £11 to download from the tax-dodging, rocket-launching online store (and no doubt elsewhere).

"Here I Come" - Barrington Levy 

"Under Mi Sensi" - Barrington Levy

"Here I Come" was a minor hit for Mr Levy in the UK in 1985, peaking at No. 41. It then reappeared in 1991 when Rebel MC used it as one of the building blocks of "Tribal Base", which went all the way to No. 20. Being an old fart I prefer the original, but here is the new modern version for you kids out there.


  1. that's some splendid shiddly-wapping going on there!

    1. At the risk of seeming pedantic, I should point out that it's shuddly-wap not shiddly-wap