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Monday 12 July 2021

Loam On The Range

Today's selections are from "Lez Dance", the second album from Durham (North Carolina) based Loamlands. Released in 2019, it is available on Bandcamp, as is their first album "Sweet High Rise". Both are well worth checking out. 

Loamlands describe themselves as "a distorted country music outfit based in North Carolina that places queer storytelling at the forefront", and go on to say that "their music intimately grapples with identity, pronouns and experiencing a queer existence in both modern-day and historical Southern culture".

That's not an experience that is particularly close to my own - although I did once inadvertently spend an evening in a lesbian bar in Raleigh (its a long story) - but I can tell a bloody good record when I hear one. This is one.

"Maureen" - Loamlands

"Wrong Days" - Loamlands

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