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Friday 30 July 2021

The Malaysian Mermaid

What could be more suitable to round off the week, and the month, than some vintage Malaysian pop. Step forward please, Ms Uji Rashid.

Born in Brunei but moving to KL when still a child, Uji was a major pop and film star in Malaysia in the 1970s and 1980s. Or as the very wonky translation of her Malay Wikipedia entry puts it, "this fierce -eyed art man is endowed with a natural spoiled voice as well as synonymous with the title of 'spoiled voiced singer' by homeland art fans; especially the 70s and 80s generations".

As if being a star of stage and screen wasn't enough, she apparently has both a batik fabric pattern and a type of fish named after her. I could not find a photo of the batik pattern but this is the fish. I am not totally convinced that it is a compliment.

The real Uji is still with us and here she is doing what she does best. Both tracks come from a compilation album called "Kenangan Manis", which I am reasonably confident means "Sweet Memories" and which I probably picked up on a work trip to KL a few years back. 

"Kemesraan" - Uji Rashid

"Berilah Kasih Sayang" - Uji Rashid

From a fish named after a singer to a singer named Fish. We don't just fling this together you know.


  1. Do you remember I posted a rude comment about a video the other day?

  2. --------given today's choice I am beginning to wonder if you are trying to lose your readers