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Monday 14 February 2022

Mine Eyes Can See The Glory

I had cataract surgery last week. It is a bit of a rite of passage for us old farts. I have effectively been blind in one eye for the last twelve months so it is good to be able to see properly again.

Today's selection of songs start with where I was and end where I am now. This post is dedicated to all the lovely folks at Moorfields Eye Hospital for looking after me so well - especially the poor nurse who politely tolerated me making racing car noises while she wheeled me round to the recovery ward.

The Maripool track came out last year and I would encourage you to go to her Bandcamp page and buy a copy. While you're there why not also get her appropriately named EP "I See Everything I Know Nothing".

"Blindness" - Maripool

"Doctor My Eyes" - The Jackson 5

"I Saw The Light" - The Blind Boys of Alabama

"Triple Vision" - Doctors of Madness


  1. Glad to hear that your surgery went well Mr G. The racing car noises quip caught me off-guard and I nearly choked on my coffee trying to suppress my laughter.
    The Johnny Nash in leather clip is brilliant, as indeed is Maripool tune - shades of the great Rozi Plain methinks. I definitely need to investigate further.

  2. No "eyesight to the blind" from the Tommy soundtrack?

  3. Fortunately no Eye of the Tiger.
    Glad it went well.
    No excuse for any mistakes now!

    1. Not true unfortunately. They only fixed my eyesight not my increasingly feeble brain