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Sunday 6 February 2022

Single Song Sunday

Its our first Single Song Sunday of the year and you can thank/blame (delete as applicable) Charity Chic for this one. A couple of weeks back he featured Gene Clark's version of the Gordon Lightfoot standard "If You Could Read My Mind" and a light bulb switched on in my head.

There are hundreds of versions out there but 90% of them sound pretty much the same and most of those that don't sound the same are fairly ropey. So I don't think this is one of the strongest entries in the series. But its OK.  

We start with my two favourite versions - the original and Johnny Cash - followed by a couple of country-tinged attempts, some supper club jazz from Salena Jones and then Viola Wills' disco version which was a minor hit in 1980. 

We then go on a brief European detour, calling in at Sweden and the Czech Republic, before returning to 1980 with a high school choir from Ontario (don't ask).

As is traditional we round things off with a Mandatory Reggae Version. Its barely even reggae to be honest, being a pretty straight cover of the Viola Wills version, but its the only one I could find. Pam Hall has made many fine records over the years but sadly this isn't one of them.

"If You Could Read My Mind" - Gordon Lightfoot

"If You Could Read My Mind" - Johnny Cash

"If You Could Read My Mind" - Jeannie C. Riley

"If You Could Read My Mind" - Jesse Dayton

"If You Could Read My Mind" - Salena Jones

"If You Could Read My Mind" - Viola Wills

"Tänk Om Du Kunde Läsa Mina Tankar" - Siw Malmkvist 

"Tím Víc Tě Mám Rád" - Karel Zich

"If You Could Read My Mind" - Mitchell District High School Glee Club

"If You Could Read My Mind" - Pam Hall


  1. Happy to take some of the credit but not the blame!

  2. Such a wonderful song - my fave from your 'also rans' is Pam Hall which I've pinched and will spend a pound wisely.

    1. Really? I didn't much care for it but if a renowned tastemaker such as you likes it I must have another listen