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Friday 22 April 2022

The Good Brooks

Mike Brooks is one of those reggae stalwarts who are highly respected by the fans but whose name mean little or nothing to the wider public. He has been active as a singer, producer and occasional label owner since the early 1970s, first in Jamaica and latterly in the UK.

Mike is still going strong. His latest single, "I'm A Superstar", came out a couple of months ago and he is sounding as good as ever. The new single does not seem to be on Bandcamp but plenty of his other recordings are including "Mother Earth" which came out last year. 

Back in 2017 the Burning Sounds label reissued what are probably Mike's two best known albums in the old 'two albums on one CD' format - "What A Gathering" (1976) and "One Love" (1983). It is worth tracking down if you can. Here is a track from each to whet your appetite.

"What A Gathering" - Mike Brooks

"Lovers Street" - Mike Brooks

Ten years ago Mike released a single addressed to the UK's then Prime Minister. That one was pretty dreadful and we have an even worse one now, meaning sadly that Mike's message is even more relevant now.