Friday, 27 May 2022

Real Real Gomm

Some of our older readers may remember Mr Ian Gomm. You know, was a member of Brinsley Schwarz, topped the prestigious NME best rhythm guitarist poll in 1971, co-wrote "Cruel To Be Kind", put out a few solo albums, was last heard of about ten years ago when he teamed up with Jeb Loy Nichols for an album, that sort of thing.

Ian had a Top 20 hit in the States way back in 1979 with "Hold On". That single was taken from his album "Summer Holiday". Here are a couple of other tracks from the same album.

"Airplane" - Ian Gomm

"That's The Way I Rock 'n Roll" - Ian Gomm

At this point regulars will be asking themselves whether they're going to get the Van Morrison song that was appallingly punned on in the post title or the other "Summer Holiday". Fortunately for you lucky people its the former, plus Ian with his hit.


  1. Replies
    1. That's worse than mine, but not half as bad as "Gomm With The Wind" which is what his label decided to call "Summer Holiday" in the US