Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Rich In Regensburg

I first heard Rich Hopkins & Luminarios ten years ago when their epic track "Friend Of The Shooter" was featured on one of those Uncut cover CDs. I was sufficiently enthused to buy the album that it comes from ("Buried Treasures") and its successor, 2014's "Tombstone", but never got round to exploring further.

That was until I found a copy of their live album "3000 Germans Can't Be Wrong" in the second-hand racks recently. It was recorded in Regensburg way back in 1998 and is one of many records they have released on the always reliable Blue Rose Records over the last thirty years. Very good it is too.

"Soul Leacher" - Rich Hopkins & Luminarios

"Dirt Town" -  Rich Hopkins & Luminarios

Here are Rich's Uncle Lightning and Auntie Linda for you.


  1. i've two or three of his songs from Blue Rose compilations. Good to hear him again

  2. His aunt and uncle are not too shabby either

  3. Good to listen to Rich again after a long time. I saw them on the same tour (not in Regensburg but in Stuttgart) and it was a fantastic concert

    1. You have made me extremely jealous, Walter