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Monday 12 December 2022

Ankst In Your Pankst

After last Friday's post featuring Heather Jones we are sticking with the Welsh language music today, but for a very good reason.

Ankst Musik is a Welsh record label that has been running since 1988. In 1998 they released a 40 track compilation called "Radio Crymi Playlist" to mark their first ten years. There are some pretty well-known names on there - the Gorkis, the Super Furries, the Catatonias and best of all the mighty Datblygu.

As their Xmas charity fundraiser this year Ankst have made the album available again as a download for a limited period only. All proceeds go to the Osborne Trust, the only national charity dedicated to supporting the children of a parent with cancer. For just £8 you'll be supporting a very worthwhile cause and getting a lot of excellent music. Like this. 

"Sega Segur" - Ffa Coffi Pawb

"Bukowski" - Rheinhallt H. Rowlands

And here is some more chirpy Welsh music connected to Christmas and children.



  1. This is from his utterly wonderful 1919 album which is replete with political, literary and cultural references not to mention great tunes and yet, if you happen to laud it in polite conversation amongst one's peers you'll be met with puzzled frowns. It's enough to make you scream and gnash your teeth.