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Thursday 29 December 2022

They Also Served

Once again we have lost many musicians this year, and not all of their deaths got the attention they merited in the media. Here are some you may have missed. RIP to them and all the others.

We get things started with a trio of African greats, follow them with some super soul sounds and finish off with a folkie reflecting on when he first heard "The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter" by The Incredible String Band. 

Incidentally Mike Heron of ISB - one of my musical heroes who I have been lucky enough to meet - turned 80 yesterday. Happy birthday Mr Heron. 

"Ashiko" - Orlando Julius

"Amina" - Tshala Muana

"Awolo" - Ekambi Brillant

"Running Out" - Mable John

"Our Love Is In The Pocket" - J.J. Barnes

"Come On With It" - Lew Kirton

"A Gift For You" - Eric Mercury

"Then Came The Children" - Paul Siebel


  1. A nice touch Ernie
    I have a Mabel John album somewhere.It is very good

    1. I saw Mable as part of a Stax Revue night about 15 years ago with Eddie Floyd, William Bell and Booker T & The MGs. Quite a show,

  2. Don't recall hearing of Paul Siebel before but just read up on him and as I liked the track of his you posted, I'll seek some of his stuff out next year. Many thanks

  3. Should have waited until I'd listened to that Robert Gordon track who is also new to me. Great cover and great video too - love the bit at the end where him and the guitarist look really chuffed they'd struck it on the head.