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Wednesday 22 February 2023

It Was 60 Years Ago Today

I am briefly interrupting my holiday with the South African branches of the Goggins clan to share with you the UK Top Ten from this day in 1963. I will let you draw your own conclusions as to the reason.

We will count down from Number Ten to Number One, as Alan Freeman no doubt did on 'Pick Of The Pops" back then.

10. "Sukiyaki" - Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen

9. "Bachelor Boy" - Cliff Richard

8. "Island Of Dreams" - The Springfields

7. "All Alone Am I" - Brenda Lee

6. "Loop-De-Loop" - Frankie Vaughan

5. "Little Town Flirt" - Del Shannon

4. "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" - Bobby Vee

3. "Diamonds" - Jet Harris & Tony Meehan

2. "Please Please Me" - The Beatles

And at Number One, an affliction that affects me increasingly as I age...

1. "The Wayward Wind" - Frank Ifield

Bubbling under - no further pun intended - we find The Rooftop Singers, up seven places from 18 to 11. Take it away, Rooftops!

That's it for now. pop pickers. I'm back home at the end of the month, see you all then.


  1. I assume you have joined the bus pass club if you get such a thing in the uncivilised South. If so Happy Birthday!

    1. We do indeed CC. I have told my clients that I no long available for any work that requires me to set off before 9.30am

    2. Should be "I am no longer available". Clearly the post-60 mental decline has started very promptly

  2. I think that's a pretty good clue - happy birthday Ernie!
    Diamonds is a goodie.

    1. It is. If this was one of Rol's Top Tens I would put it third after 'Little Town Flirt' and 'The Night Has A Thousand Eyes'.

  3. An inexcusably belated happy birthday, Ernie. As C said, great to hear Diamonds again. I have Barry Adamson's cover from 1989 to thank for introducing me to that song.

    Enjoy the rest of your South African sojourn and look forward to seeing you back here at the end of the month

  4. Very late to this post but a belated happy birthday from me too. Welcome to the club!

    These top tens are just too early for me to remember from personal experience (I'm not quite that old) but of course we all know them as listened to often over the years. The Rooftop Singers probably didn't bubble under for long - thanks for sharing.