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Sunday 12 February 2023

Single Song Sunday

Today is the first Single Song Sunday of the year and, if my records are correct, the 61st in total since we first started doing this back in 2010. At this rate we will reach the 100th instalment some time in 2031. Be there or be square.

Today we are bringing you an old country standard, always a reliable source of the series if I am lacking in inspiration. This time round it is "Sweet Dreams" (not to be confused with the Eurhythmics' song with a similar name of which there seem to be even more cover versions than there are of this ome).

We will kick things off with Don Gibson's original from 1956. It was then covered by pretty much every country singer you can name from the 1950s and 1960s, most notably Patsy Cline's posthumous release in 1963. Also from 1963 - the divine harmonies of the Everlys. 

Patsy's was the most successful version until gnarled swamp-rocker Tommy McLain mooched his way up to No. 15 in the Billboard charts in 1966. Tommy released a comeback album last year with the support of famous fans including Elvis Costello who pops up next. 

Elvis C plays it pretty straight, unlike The Mekons whose version I prefer for that reason. We then round things off with two very fine soul covers, a bluesy instrumental and the Mandatory Reggae Version. Because some of us know the rules.

"Sweet Dreams" - Don Gibson

"Sweet Dreams" - Patsy Cline

"Sweet Dreams" - Tommy McLain

"Sweet Dreams" - The Everly Brothers

"Sweet Dreams" - Elvis Costello & The Attractions

"Sweet Dreams" - The Mekons

"Sweet Dreams" - Mighty Sam

"Sweet Dreams" - Bettye Swann

"Sweet Dreams" - Roy Buchanan

"Sweet Dreams" - The Pioneers


  1. Good stuff
    For me Patsy's is the definitive version.

  2. I was prepared to loathe the instrumental version, instead I'm singing along to it.