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Wednesday 28 February 2024

Easy Peasy

For no particular reason I've decided today is the right time to honour the record that won the 1976 Academy Award for Best Song - "I'm Easy", written and performed by Keith Carradine and one of the highlights of Robert Altman's "Nashville". 

"Nashville" itself lost out on Best Picture to "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". With "Dog Day Afternoon", "Barry Lyndon" and "Jaws" in contention as well it was quite a year for the fillums.

Randy Crawford did a decent cover version of the song on her debut album "Everything Must Change" which also came out in 1976. And then there was Cher...

"I'm Easy" - Keith Carradine

"I'm Easy" - Randy Crawford 


  1. I thought at first glance that was Shirley Bassey on the video

  2. That's certainly an outfit...