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Friday 1 March 2024

Newness Abounds

Timed especially to coincide with Bandcamp Friday, here is one of our irregular looks at some of the freebies that the nice folks in Promoland have sent me over the last couple of months. Get your wallets out now.

For my tastes there have been two standout albums. The first, while technically a new release, was actually recorded about twenty years ago. The Children's Hour were a duo consisting of the warble-tastic Josephine Foster and one Andy Bar (presumably not this one). They released one album in 2003 and then teamed up with David Pajo (of Slint, Tortoise etc fame) to record a second which is finally seeing the light of day. 

The album is called "Going Home" and it is utterly charming. It came out last week and you can get it from Bandcamp - just click on the title (the same goes for the other albums featured below).

The second standout album comes from my favourite Welsh language Americana band (if that isn't a contradiction in terms), Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog. They have been around since the late 2000s and "Mynd â'r Tŷ am Dro" is their sixth studio album. It comes out today. 

Their sound on this album is a bit rockier than in the past, with the title track and the one below being particularly strong with a bit of a Neil & Crazy Horse vibe. If you enjoy this you might also appreciate their live album that was released last year.

I would also like to give a bit of a plug to two more new albums, both from artists based in California. The first is "Hideaway" by Breezers, the pseudonym of Evan apRoberts from LA. It is due out on 8 March and is not yet available on Bandcamp, although you can find his previous stuff there including his self-titled 2002 album.

The Umbrellas hail from San Francisco although you might be mistaken for thinking they are Scottish as they have clearly immersed themselves in the Postcard Records back catalogue. "Fairweather Friend" is their second album and it came out back in January. It is pleasingly chirpy.

"Dance With Me" - The Children's Hour

"Blodau Haearn Blodau Glo" - Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog

"Cemetery" - Breezers

"Goodbye" - The Umbrellas

To round things off here are some videos featuring songs from three more albums that came out in January and which are worth a listen: "Goose" by Mol Sullivan, "Alas" by Lily Seabird and "In The Midst Of You" by Brad Stank. Enjoy!


  1. I have the first Umbrellas album.It's not to shabby

  2. And your %age cut from Bandcamp is? LOL On the evidence of those 4 tracks you should be demanding 75%. I'll pass on the Breezers but I'll definitely be following up the others. Also liked the Mol Sullivan track.