Friday, 23 January 2009

Big in Belgium

I had to go to Brussels for work yesterday and while there I popped into the music store in Brussels-Midi station. In the sale section they had a selection of CDs in the "Bel 80" series which, as the name suggests, feature Belgian music of the 1980s - one CD for each year.

Never having heard of any of the artists featured I was in a quandary about which year to go for. In the end I settled for 1983 mainly on the basis that it included a cover version of Public Image Limited's "Death Disco". Disappointingly that turned out to be an instrumental, making it difficult to point to anything distinctively Belgian about it, so instead you are getting "Gorilla Dans De Samba" by Aroma Di Amore. I imagine it is probably a hard-hitting commentary on the long-term damage done by their government's policies in the former Belgian Congo, or perhaps not. Either way, have fun.

PS If you like that, you can download a whole albums-worth of their stuff for free from

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