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Tuesday 27 January 2009

Celebrity Corner: Colin Goldring

My friend F is very full of himself because he is being “followed on Twitter” - whatever that means - by Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson (also by the Pope although personally I suspect it may not be the real Pope). He thinks this is very exciting and for people who exist mainly in cyberspace perhaps it is. But those of us who have a long history of meeting real live celebrities – Dickie Davies, Peggy Mount, Avon from Blake's 7, Gary Wilmot and many, many more - are less easily impressed.

In the first of what may or may not become an occasional feature, this week’s celebrity is Colin Goldring, former lead singer with 1970s prog rockers Gnidrolog and punk band The Pork Dukes. By the time I knew him in the early 1980s he had given up the music biz for the more restrained delights of mooching round the University of Essex as a “mature student”. A very nice fellow and still going strong it would appear:

At the time I had never heard of Gnidrolog and, not being much of a fan of prog rock, never made the effort to find out more. When I finally came across their “Lady Lake” album many years later I was pleasantly surprised, particularly by Colin’s voice. Here is “Ship” from that album.


  1. Twitter "it's like MSN for old annoying people"

  2. not toforget of course his much more talented brother- Stewart Goldring

  3. Used to know Colin and Stewart in 70,s one of the gang in Witham Essex a great time then in the spread eagle pub a lot of good musos especially the twins,left UK around 43 years ago and now follow my daughter's band in Perth Australia always wonder where the old crew ended up,even Dave Winthrop used to drink there just hope everyone ended up ok crazy days