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Wednesday 21 January 2009

Who let the flowers fall?

Today we can offer you a bit of New Wave from 1981. The band is The Act and the song is the A-side of their only single, "Who let the flowers fall?". They hail from that hotbed of musical talent, Sherborne in Dorset, home of The Yetties. Also Chris-Martin-of-Coldplay went to the public school there, but I don't think you can hold the town responsible for him, he would no doubt have been just as bad had he attended a different public school.

I was at normal school with a couple of these lads, and used to hang about with them a bit when they were still known as Society's Darlings. The singer, Simon Barber, went on to form The Chesterfields, who were moderately successful in indie circles later in the 1980s.

Anyway, this is a nice little tune, very much of its time:

And if that whets your appetite for the sounds of Dorset, why not visit The Yetties' website. Yertiz:

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  1. Hi, could you revive the download link? Or upload the songs on youtube coz someone removed the video.
    Thanx a lot