Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tsonga Disco: Joe Shirimani

Welcome to Part 2 of our two-part Tsonga Disco special. Today we bring you "Basani" by Joe Shirimani:

As we have already established I am no expert, but I reckon that in the Tsonga Disco firmament Joe is a bigger star than yesterday's featured artist, Madlaks (despite the latter's claim to be the King of Africa Tsonga Disco). Joe's music is more polished and more immediately catchy; he is signed to a major label (Sony) in South Africa; and he has produced a rather endearing low budget - or badly copied - video for "Basani". I love the bit at about 1:16 where he faints.

And that is it on the Tsonga Disco front for the moment. After yesterday's selection I finished with an uplifting message from Madlak's CD sleeve asking us to do our bit to spread the word. I looked at Joe's CD to see whether there was anything similarly inspiring I could quote today. After all the usual thanks to his family, producer, label etc he concludes "Please Let's Stand Together Against Music Piracy".


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