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Sunday 8 February 2009

Whittaker in 2010: Update

New visitors to this blog may be unaware of our campaign to get Roger Whittaker inducted into the International Whistlers' Convention Hall of Fame - for full details and to download the nomination form click here:

I have been in touch with the organisers, the Franklin County Arts Council of North Carolina, to check the position on nominations and have heard back from the very helpful Emily Barrick. She confirms that we have missed the deadline for the 2009 inductions - these will be made at the annual Convention in April - but that it is not too early to start nominating Roger for 2010. So let's get started.

Emily adds "Are you a whistler? You should certainly plan to come to the convention and enjoy some seriously good whistling". I was a bit disappointed she didn't add "y'all" at the end, but she was only addressing it to me I suppose. Sadly my own whistling is a long way short of competition standard, but the convention sounds fun. If others are interested we could look into hiring a minibus.

In case you are doubtful whether Roger merits a place in the Hall of Fame, here is a quick reminder of his gifts. This is called "Mistral":

You will have noticed that he also sings on that one. Just one Roger but double the pleasure.

And on that sort of subject, here's a shop sign I saw in Haarlem in the Netherlands yesterday:

Which begs the question: Why? And, perhaps more pertinently, how? Or it is perhaps a reference to some form of bartering system?

You will be reassured to hear that I didn't buy anything there. I saved my money until I got to a flea market in Amsterdam where I was able to purchase a large number of Dutch singles mainly from the 1970s for 50 cents a go. I am sure you will be as keen as I am to dig the groovy sounds of Spooky & Sue, Lucifer and Dizzy Man's Band, and you will be able to do so as soon as I get my vinyl digitalising thingy working again (it doesn't like Microsoft Vista). The one I am particularly looking forward to hearing is the intriguingly titled "Bobby the Flobby" by Bourbon Family.

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