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Tuesday 18 August 2009

I Feel Like Alan Vega...

My friend Mister F is a cutting edge kind of dude. He makes sure that users of are kept up to date about what he is listening to on Spotify. If he gets very excited about something he has heard he will even Twitter on the subject. Being an old codger myself I envy his easy familiarity with these things.

Yesterday on Spotify he was listening to the new compilation celebrating 30 years of Ze Records and, we are informed, particularly loved "Dream Baby Dream" by Suicide. I do too, but not as much as I love this next track.

Way back in the 1980s Microdisney were one of my favourite bands. The mixture of Cathal Coughlan's spleen-venting and Sean O'Hagan's lush arrangements was perfect - like Steely Dan with teeth - and I have never been as keen on any of the work they have done individually since, which for me is either too sweet or too sour.

My favourite album of theirs was 1987's "Crooked Mile", which includes "Give Me All Of Your Clothes". The reason for including it here is because it quotes from "Dream Baby Dream" (you see I don't just throw this stuff together randomly). It also quotes from "Emma" by Jane Austen but I don't have an audio-book version of that to put up here.

From the same album, here are the Disneys with "Town To Town":

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