Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Tsonga Disco Returns

Recently I have been neglecting my self-appointed mission to bring Tsonga Disco to the masses. Regular readers will know that this is partly a question of rationing, as I only have three CDs worth of Tsonga Disco in my collection. I will be off to South Africa in late September and hope to restock a bit while I am there.

To recap briefly, the Tsonga people live mainly in north eastern South Africa and southern Mozambique. Their music is also known as Tsonga (or Shangaan). Tsonga Disco is the pop version.

As always, given the limited selection, I have had to choose between Joe Shirimani, Thomas Chauke and Madlaks. Today I have gone for Thomas Chauke. Today's tracks are "Xibomu Xa Mvha" and "Lovely Maria".

Both tracks are from a "Best Of" CD available via the One World Cyber Music Store, as are a number of other Thomas Chauke CDs

I am fortunate enough to know a number of Marias, and they are without exception lovely. Today's post is dedicated to them. If you take Maria and add a T and a K you get Martika (or I'm A Kart). Here she is in her kitchen. Great eyebrow work in this video.

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