Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Los Pop Espanol

When I was in Madrid a few months ago I picked up for about €5 a three CD compilation of 1960s Spanish pop called "Viva Los 60". As you would expect it was a fairly mixed bag, but there were a few goodies on there. Here are a couple of them.

First up is Frank Dube with the exotic "Mustapha". Then we have what is probably my personal favourite - Karina with "El Baul De Los Recuerdos" (The Chest of Memories).

Karina was a big star in Spain in the late 1960s and early 1970s and according to the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Culture "she won over Spanish audiences with her sweet, angelic, ingenuous air and became the ideal girlfriend for adolescents of her generation". Having seen this vintage clip of her performing "El Baul De Los Recuerdos" I can see why she would have appealed to the acne-ridden adolescents of Albacete. I think the backing dancers also deserve to be commended for their ability to all be out of time with each other.

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