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Saturday 20 March 2010


I have just got back from a whistle-stop 36 hour visit to Vilnius in Lithuania. I had hoped to go hunting for some Lithuanian music but a combination of work and the excellent hospitality of my hosts meant I did not get the chance. Is that a collective sign of relief I hear?

Instead here a couple of tunes about carpets I picked up in Brussels earlier in the year - one from a flea market, and the other from Musicanova, the shop that specialises in Congolese CDs.

From the flea market comes a tatty 1971 single by Marc Hamilton from Quebec. The A-side, "Comme J'Ai Toujours Envie D'Aimer", is a pretty boring pop song - and a big hit in France and elsewhere - but the B-side is much more interesting. Apologies about the poor sound quality.

"Tapis Magique" (Magic Carpet) - Marc Hamilton

The second carpet song comes from King Kester Emeneya's 2002 CD, "Nouvel Ordre".

"Tapis Rouge" (Red Carpet) - King Kester Emeneya

I could not find any clips of carpet-based tunes on YouTube, so here instead are some young people cutting a rug.

Which is by way of warming you up for tomorrow's special feature - Showband Sunday!!!

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