Monday, 22 March 2010


Today we feature Christofolly & the Afro Beat Cookers. Who you ask? Let me elaborate by quoting from the biography page on his website, which I have converted from French to English with the help on Babelfish.

"Born in the Seventies in Lome in Togo, it types since very small on percussions with his friends, thus, they animated birthdays and funeral in company of groups of ballet of the district and around. At 17 years departure of Togo for a long voyage to the meeting of Africa and of its culture which during 13 years will lead it the Benign one to Nigeria and Cameroun, while passing by Ghana, the Dimension d' Ivory, Mali or Burkina Fasso. C is at 30 years it arrives to France to continue its musical adventure".

"Autodidact, the career of Folly is neither secured musicians neither griots nor, its school is that of the street, the practice and listen. Cracked, Manu Dibango, Salif Keita, James Brown, Youssou Ndour as many legends from which it knew to learn lesson and inspiration and who meetings in meetings led to its current project, AfroBeat Cookers".

I hope that clarifies the position. Here are a couple of tracks from Mr Folly's 2009 album "Afro Beat Rolling".

"Tchekoroba" - Christofolly & The Afro Beat Cookers

"Please, Please, Please" - Christofolly & The Afro Beat Cookers

On the subject of follies, here are a couple of moments from "Rock Follies" with Rula, Julie and the other one.

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