Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Ecos De Avandaro

Yesterday we tickled your tastebuds with some Australian psychedelia. Today we take a trip (geddit??) across the Pacific Ocean to Mexico for more of the same sort of thing.

Today's selections are from a fine double-CD compilation called "Ecos De Avandaro", which I picked up in Madrid last year (on the same visit I discovered the delights of the Spanish version of pork scratchings - it was one cultural awakening after another).

Avandaro was apparently the location of a major music festival - the Mexican Woodstock, if you like - which took place in 1971. The compilation itself was released on Sony BMG in 2007 but does not seem to be readily available online, or at least not through the usual English language outlets.

Here are a couple of songs featuring the sun:

"Bajo El Sol Y Frente A Dios" (Underneath The Sun And In Front Of God) - El Ritual (1971)

"Brillo Del Sol" (Brightness Of The Sun) - Los Dug Dug's (1974)

And here is another one - a rather surreal clip of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page doing Rolf Harris's "Sun Arise" (presumably as revenge for him massacring "Stairway To Heaven"):

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