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Thursday 19 August 2010

Some Lateral Thinking

Yesterday we featured a couple of tracks from "Ways Of Escape", the new album by Great Lakes. It includes a cover version of John Prine's "Sour Grapes". John has a great song of his own about a lake. Here it is.

"Lake Marie" - John Prine (on "Lost Dogs And Mixed Blessings", 1995)

And if that has whet your appetite (get it? whet/wet - my goodness, I'm on fire tonight), here are three more lake-based songs.

"Bear Lake" - Martin Carr (from "Ye Gods And Little Fishes", 2009)

"Lake Hope" - Chrysalis (from "Definition", 1968)

"Old Hickory Lake" - Bekka & Billy (from "Bekka & Billy", 1997)

And here is Johnny P again.

I tried to find a clip of Bekka & Billy as well. I failed but there are plenty of amateur videos of people line dancing to "Old Hickory Lake", including this one from the 2008 Leipziger Stadtfest. Line Dancing in Leipzig? Is this what the Wall came down for?

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