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Wednesday 25 August 2010

TGI Freedy

It has been a thoroughly miserable day here in London, so to make us all feel better here are some good old pop songs from good old Freedy Johnston - whose latest album, aptly enough, is called "Rain On The City".

I am not sure I would want to listen to one of his albums all the way through more than once. I find a lot of the songs just drift by without really being noticed. But it is worth sticking with it first time round as every now and then he'll come up with something that is absolutely spot on. Here are three examples.

"Tearing Down This Place" - Freedy Johnston (from "Can You Fly", 1992)

"Seventies Girl" - Freedy Johnston (from "Never Home", 1997)

"Venus Is Her Name" - Freedy Johnston (from "Rain On The City", 2010)

Here is Freedy in the video for "On The Way Out" (also from "Never Home").

Is it just me or does he bear a passing resemblance to the popular star of 'Cold Feet' and the Yellow Pages adverts, James Nesbitt? Jimmy is considered by his admirers to have a winning twinkle in his eye. But nobody twinkles like this fellow.

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