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Saturday 21 August 2010

Tsonga On Saturday

Great news, Tsonga/ Shangaan fans. A treasure trove can now be found on Amazon. Over 300 albums released on EMI South Africa are now available to download (at least in the UK). They include music in all styles but among them are albums by some of the Tsonga stars we have featured here - big names such as George Maluleke and assorted members of the Chauke family.

They also include "Phulumende No. 1: Munhu Wa Misava" by Patrick Nkuna & Mavutani Band. To be honest I had never heard of Patrick before but he merits a passing mention in our old friend Max Mojapelo's "Beyond Memory: Recording the History, Moments and Memories of South African Music". So I thought he was probably worth a listen.

The album is an appealing mix of Tsonga Disco and more traditional mbaqanga tunes. Here are a couple from the Tsonga Disco end of the spectrum.

"Mbenjani" - Patrick Nkuna & Mavutani Band

"Ku Rhula" - Patrick Nkuna & Mavutani Band

This gives me a perfect excuse to give you this clip of another Patrick with disco connections.

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