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Monday 6 September 2010

Nice And Spicy

One of my favourite reggae vocalists of recent years is Richie Spice, creator of "Groovin' My Girl", "Earth Ah Run Red" and many other gems. I recently picked up an album of his called "Motherland Africa" for a quid off the world music man in Spitalifields Market. Very good it is too.

Released in 2007, from what I can gather it is a compilation. Frustratingly the track listing on the cover bears absolutely no resemblance to what is on the CD. It is not just a case of the tracks being in a different order, there are some listed that are not on there and some on there that are not listed. So it has not been entirely straightforward working out what it is I wanted to share with you, but I am now reasonably confident that these two crackers are what I claim them to be.

"Drop Top" - Richie Spice

"Honey In Dem Face" - Richie Spice

Someone else who is spicy, and indeed icy, is Icy Spicy Leoncie. Here she is looking even lovelier - and slimmer - than usual with one of her newer tunes, "Teenage Boy In Town".

That is pretty good, and only mildly disturbing (when she rubs her thigh while singing "his trousers hiding something"). But for me it is not quite up to the stratospheric levels of artistry she attained with "Love In A Pub In Essex", "Sex Crazy Cop" - both still available on YouTube - and this smash.

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