Sunday, 17 April 2011

Beware of Whimsy

The more whimsical strand of British psychedelia is not for everyone. My old friend Mr Jackson, for example, is decidedly sniffy about it (which is a bit rich considering some of the rubbish he listens to). However I have a soft spot for it, and it seems very well suited to the sunny Sunday we are enjoying in London today.

So here are some choice selections from a couple of particularly fine examples of the style: the self-titled album by The World of Oz and "Faintly Blowing" by Kaleidoscope (that is the English Kaleidoscope, not the American Kaleidoscope, who I have never quite got I'm afraid). "The World of Oz" was issued in 1968 and the band disbanded shortly afterwards. Despite having a minor hit with "The Muffin Man" they remain very obscure - almost all I know about them comes from an article on Marmalade Skies, so you may as well go there if you are interested. Kaleidoscope lasted longer, releasing two albums under that name ("Faintly Blowing" was the second, released in 1969) and one as Fairfield Parlour. All of them are worth a listen. Their leading light was Peter Daltrey, who continues to make music today.

"King Croesus" - The World of Oz

"Bring the Ring" - The World of Oz

"Black Fjord" - Kaleidoscope

"The Feathered Tiger" - Kaleidoscope

Here are the Oz boys with the hit. Great hair.

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