Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tsonga Disco: Teanet Time

I know from the comments received on previous posts that, fifteen years after his tragically premature death, Peta Teanet still enjoys fanatical support. So here is a treat for his folowers. While in Cape Town last week I managed to pick up a copy of his second album, "Divorce Case". Released in 1989, it contained his big breakthrough hit "Matswele", which we have featured here previously. Here are a couple of the other highlights.

The title track is a rare example of Peta singing in English. In it, he claims to be a battered husband who needs to be granted a divorce as otherwise he will be left with no option but to kill his wife (and presumably go back to living peacefully with his other seven wives). Surprisingly the gruff-voiced judge falls for this, although to be fair Mrs T does not help her case by shouting at him and disrespecting him in hs own court. Let that be a lesson to her.

"Divorce Case" - Peta Teanet

"Teka Aachar" - Peta Teanet

And now, for no particular reason, some old clips from "Stars In Their Eyes". Not Smokie, obviously. That would be a travesty.

And most bizarrely of all...

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