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Friday 22 April 2011

Tales of Mozambique

One of the many goodies I picked up while in Cape Town recently was an excellent compilation album called "Tales of Mozambique (Marrabenta and More)". Released in 2006 on the South African label Sheer Sound, which normally specialises in local jazz, it features a fine selection of tunes from the last 25 years or so. Here are three of the many highlights.

According to the sleevenotes, Djaaka hail from Beira and were the hot band in Mozambique in 2004/05, with this song being a major hit. Walter Dzongololo arrived on the scene around the same time under the tutelage of local star producer Carlos de Lina. Finishing off, we have Orchestra Marrabenta Star de Mozambique, formed in 1979 from many local stars to become effectively the house band for the national radio station. They were the first band from Mozambique to win an international record deal, and broke up in the 1990s. The vocals from Mingas on this track are exceptional.

"Mbhole Mbhole Na Yona" - Djaaka

"Teresa" - Walter [Dzongololo]

"A Vassati Va Lomu" - Orchestra Marrabenta Star De Mozambique

I was intending to feature Bob Dylan performing his own tribute to Mozambique, but I couldn't find a live clip, so instead here is a man in the woods playing it on a ukelele.

And here is Wazimbo, formerly of the Orchestra Marabenta Star de Mozambique.

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