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Thursday 11 August 2011

Riots Part 2

I have no wish to keep harping on about the riots, which are hopefully now behind us, but I think it is instructive to look at what the commentators are saying. Specifically calypsonian commentators.

Some have suggested that deploying more female police officers might have a calming effect. But judging by Mighty Terror's reaction, there must be a risk that it would simply exacerbate matters.

"Women Police In England" - Mighty Terror & His Calypsonians

Invader and Gabby, on the other hand, are clearly setting out to appeal to Daily Mail readers.

"Teddy Boy (Bring Back The Old Cat-o-Nine)" - Lord Invader

"Pow Pow (Arm The Police)" - Mighty Gabby

Lord Melody, as always, follows a path of his own. His story of a police officer struggling with a recalcitrant jackass may not appear immediately relevant, but I am sure there is a moral in there somewhere.

"In The Name Of The Law" - Lord Melody

Finally, the greatest calypsonian of them all, the Mighty Sparrow, had a terrifying first-hand experience of gang behaviour. Fortunately he lived to tell the tale.


  1. I'd never realised how prescient Sweet had been:

    "All over the land
    The kids are finally startin' to get the upper hand
    They're out in the streets, they turn on the heat
    And soon they could be completely in command
    Imagine the sensation of teenage occupation
    At thirteen they'll be learning
    But at fourteen they'll be burnin'"

  2. We've done that already. Keep up.