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Wednesday 9 May 2012

Black And White World

Fans of the old-fashioned virtues of good songs well played and sung are strongly advised to check out "I Climbed A Tree", the new release by (Dave) Gerard & The Watchmen, available now at Bandcamp and other outlets.

As regular readers know I am not very good at describing things, but it is a lovely, warm little record. The banjo on tracks like "Stables" and "Hesitate" makes them sound to these uninformed ears like a more masculine version of our favourites This Is The Kit, with a bit of mellow Neil Young thrown in for good measure. Today's selection, "Monochrome", is more like Tim Hardin with a pinch of Bert Jansch. Which can't be a bad thing.

Gerard & The Watchmen are gigging around the South East of England at the moment, including shows in Dulwich and Shoreditch this weekend. More details are available from their website.

"Monochrome" - Gerard & The Watchmen

And on the subject of monochrome:

"Eine Symphonie Des Grauens" - The Monochrome Set

"Black And White" - Moussa Doumbia

"Black And White World" - Elvis Costello & The Atractoins

"Hand Held In Black And White" - Dollar

"Black Stations/ White Stations" - Martha & The Muffins

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