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Thursday 24 May 2012

Tsonga Time: Matshwa Bemuda

When featuring Tsonga music up here I seem to write far too often that the individual concerned passed away well before their time, Paul Ndlovu and Peta Teanet being prime examples. You can add to that list Matshwa Bemuda, who sadly died last year. Let's remember him with these tunes from his 2007 album "Swa Tshongo Swa Matshwa".

"Xikoxa" - Matshwa Bemuda & Magenge Sisters

"Sherly Na Makhelwani" - Matshwa Bemuda & Magenge Sisters

I mentioned in the previous post that I was off to the Sandy Denny tribute concert at the Barbican last night. Very good it was too. One of the highlights was P.P. Arnold, who has a remarkable voice for someone who must be in her mid to late 60s. As she herself said, on paper she didn't obviously fit with the rest of the line-up. But her storming version of "Take Me Away" - available as a free download from her website - blew us all away. Here she is way back when, with added DLT.

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