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Wednesday 2 May 2012

Kings Of Chisinau

Time for some Moldovan magic from the mighty Zdob Si Zdub. I went to Moldova a few years ago, and had one of the best holidays I have ever had. The memories of duetting on Boney M songs with the local karaoke diva, playing air guitar with a mad keen Whitesnake fan to seal our eternal friendship and meeting women with giant vegetables on a ferry to Transdniestr will live with me forever.

"Bune Diminyatca" - Zdob Si Zdub

"Everybody In The Casa Mare" - Zdob Si Zdub

 Here are the lads with their entry in last year's Eurovision.

And here is a bonus clip for you. I mentioned a few days ago that I was going to see a double header of Michael Chapman and Hiss Golden Messenger at the Slaughtered Lamb. That was last night and very good they were too. Here is Hiss (as is parents presumably call him) with a new and as yet unreleased song, the title of which he didn't see fit to share with us.

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